Forthcoming books in 2014 & 2015:
A Hotel With My Name by Cecilia Pavon, trans. by Jacob Steinberg (2015)
i bite my nails to manifest my existence by Caroline Alice Lopez (2015)
untitled by Dominic Gualco (2015)
An Anthology of Brazilian Poetry edited by Ana Guadalupe and Jeremy Spencer (2015)
An Anthology of Spanish Poetry edited by Luna Miguel and Jeremy Spencer (2015)
Morocco (new, expanded/revised edition) by Kendra Grant Malone and Matthew Savoca (2015)

Online Content

4 poems
Isabel Sobral Campos

2 poems
Tausif Noor

2 poems
Rachel Edelman

Atticus Davis

poem and collage
Iris Karuna

3 poems
Samantha Fletcher

3 poems
John Mortara

2 poems
Claire Grossman

4 poems
Maite Dono

For the Girls at a Normal Weight
Julia Roberto

Gale Acuff

4 poems
Elizabeth Hoover

Sung Together Song
Tyler Gobble

Laura Stamp

2 poems
Sage Indigo

Vanessa Willoughby

Kite Flying in a Field Near the James River
Roy Robbins

3 poems
Chelsea Daniel

2 poems
Wallace Barker

Alejandra Pombo

Keith Moul

6 poems
Rachel Hyman

4 poems
Caroline Alice Lopez

2 poems
Holly Painter

For the Generations to Come (A Manifesto)
David Meza

3 poems
Kallie Falandays

6 poems
Laura-Marie Marciano

3 poems
Isadora Falcão

4 poems
Lucy Tiven

Business Cards
Steve Subrizi

4 poems
Kat Dixon

Neila Mezynski

~12:59, friday
James Duncan

transactions located on my mouth
Clara Lipfert

5 poems
Ana Carrete

an excerpt from The Duke and Errol
Declan Tan

2 poems
Carolyn DeCarlo

5 poems
Feliz Laura Molina

The Things that We are Trying to Block Out
Rachel Gray

4 poems
Bruna Beber

Sam Pink

5 poems
Ana Guadalupe

A Man Called Man
Rafael Sperling


Books Available in Print

Cats and Dogs
by Andrew James Weatherhead
(Poetry, 2014)

Before You Kneels My Silence
by Jacob Steinberg
(Poetry, 2014)

by Stacey Teague
(Poetry, 2014)

by Mike Bushnell
(Poetry, 2014)

Gather Me
by Daniel Bailey
(Poetry, 2013)

A Story
by Neila Mezynski
(Fiction, 2013)

by Kristina Marie Darling
(Poetry, 2013)

Bluebird and Other Tattoos
by Luna Miguel
(Poetry/Translation, 2012)

You Private Person
by Richard Chiem
(Fiction, 2012)

Town of Shadows
by Lindsay Stern
(Fiction, 2012)

new forms and meditations for
the pressurized libertine monk

by j/j hastain
(Poetry, 2012)

by Neila Mezynski
(Poetry, 2011)

Everything is Quiet
by Kendra Grant Malone
(Poetry, 2010)

long love poem with descriptive title
by Matthew Savoca
(Poetry, 2010)

A Cake Appeared
by Shane Jones
(Poetry, 2010)

Inconceivable Wilson
by J.A. Tyler
Fiction (2009)

The Dwell
by Eleanor Johnson
(Poetry, 2009)

Reanimated, Somehow
by Valerie Loveland
(Poetry, 2009)

Rarer and More Wonderful
by Trevor Calvert
(Poetry, 2008)