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Danee "Queen D" Black
The Scrambler first stumbled upon Queen D when
she was one of the three finalists for a Poetry Slam
at the Java Café way back in November. She ended
up winning that slam and instantly captivated us in
the process. Her style is straight-forward and
engaging. She spits about issues that matter to our
society. Her poems as well as her presence on
stage resonate. For this issue we were lucky enough
to get her to answer a few questions by email about
her poetry. In addition, we have 4 video clips of her
spoken word performances (we recommend the 3rd
and 4th videos) and 2 written poems.                          
            Here are her vitals:
Born in Miami, FL.
Raised in Sacramento
Birth date: 12-26-80   
Sign: Capricorn
Greatest Fear: Giving my all and failing.
Strength: My ability to find good in all things.
Weakness: Doubting the God in me.
To learn more about Queen D and visit her official site
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