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I wanna know you
find out what language you speak
and speak volumes
find out your secret wishes
and be a genie for you
find out what moves you
then move through you
concerned tongues
fall on your deaf ears
you don't wanna hear
so you fill your ears with smoke
get lifted to lift you from reality
but you wake up in the same place
this is why I wanna know you
I wanna find out what you like
so I can be that for you...
I wanna say you are beautiful
that you deserve the world
but you walk past my words
like they are invisible
I wanna roll your self esteem
in a blunt and let you smoke it
inhale all of you
until you are high on you
I wanna prepare your beauty
like tacos with all the fixins'
then let you eat until you feel
but I don't know what moves you
don't know how to move through you
I wanna throw dictionaries at you
so you can redefine yourself
I wanna give you a ruler
so you can realign yourself
but I can't...
So I will just
give you this poem
and hope that
it will be the bread crumbs
that help you find your way home
by Danee "Queen D" Black
The Scrambler