Reb Livingston
This issue we consider ourselves very fortunate to have
the accomplished poet and editor Reb Livingston grace our
site. Last year, Reb's poem "That's Not Butter" was first
published in
MiPoesias magazine and then selected for the
2006 Best American Poetry Anthology. In addition to
scooping up such honors, she edits an online poetry
magazine called the
No Tell Motel and runs a press that
publishes poetry books named
No Tell Books. Her first full
length book of poetry will be out this fall from Coconut
Books and is titled
Your Ten Favorite Words.
Reb's poems bend the English language, using it in a
playful yet powerful manner. She is not afraid to write about
anything (her poems cover a wide range of topics, stories
and events) and rarely does she place constraints on her
poetry which lets her and the reader get the opportunity to
try new things. So please do read on because we have
three previously unpublished poems from Reb and an
interview with her about her writing career so far.
To learn more about Reb Livingston, visit her official
website, read her blog, check out No Tell Books and
No Tell Motel online poetry magazine, and of
course the
Burlesque Poetry Hour.
© All rights reserved.
Reb Livingston is also involved with a reading series in the Washington DC area called the
Burlesque Poetry Hour. She describes it as: "a monthly reading series curated by Carly
Sachs and me -- the "hook" is that after each poet reads the audience chants "take it off" and
the poet removes an item of her choosing.  We then auction off the item to the audience and
the proceeds go to the poet -- it's her payment for reading.  Auctioned items have sold for
anywhere from $10 to $45." Here is a link to an article that describes in more detail what the
Burlesque Poetry Hour is all about:
The Scrambler