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  Henry David Thoreau Obituary

taken from Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper,  May 24, 1862,
p. 107

"Mr. Henry D. Thoreau...died at Concord, Mass., on the 7th of
May, of consumption....He passed nearly a year living alone in a
little hut on the wild shores of a New England river.  Here he
lived on an infinitely small sum of money, tilling the ground and
hunting the woods for his support in the daytime, and in the long
twilights sitting by the door of his log-house, reading the Greek
and Latin poets.  Here, too, he was visited often by admirers; for
the man, singular as it may appear in this prosaic age, had such
real devotees, who used to make pilgrimages to his shrine,
simply to enjoy the delights of his conversation."

                                                                                               Contributed by George Cotkin
A Thoreau Moment
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