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Issue 15- February 2008
“Alone Again Or”
artist: The Damned
album: Anything (1986)
My favorite  cover of this 1967 “Love” classic.
Watch the video:

“1,000,000 Kisses”
artist: Half Japanese
album: Charmed Life (1988)
For a band that admits it never bothered to learn how to play their instruments
properly, they somehow stumbled upon creating this catchy little masterpiece.

“That’s How I Escaped My Certain Fate”
artist: Mission of Burma
album: VS. (1982)
Frenetic, gritty rock at it’s finest.
Live performance:

“Beginning of the End”
artist: The Bananas
album : Forbidden Fruit (1998)
The lead singer doesn’t really “sing” so much as scream his way through a song,
and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

artist: The Urinals
album: Sex 7” single (1980), also available on their anthology cd “Negative
Capability…Check it out!” (1997)
WARNING: Repeated listening of this song may be habit-forming.
Live Performance from their current incarnation, “Chairs of Perception:
*Compiled by Melanie Uyeda