Gabby Gabby


'Mom, why are we here?'
A 20-year-old male rolls a joint in the bathroom of a sleeper train
and smokes it in a New York alleyway.
'This isn't the 50's: Jack Kerouac and the Thumbs'
The door to the food court swings forward;
It's push not pull.
It's empty but open.

I judge my mental health by how often I water my plant.
I am empty but open. Available,
though the data are skewed. 80% unexplained variation due to indecisiveness on the part of              the researcher.

The radio stations are changing the 20-year-old male drives through Cape Cod
with his pretty girlfriend.
'Isn't it beautiful?'
'It's a little gray'
Grey. Gray. The 20-year-old male forgets language with his pretty girlfriend.
Florescent signs on windows, picture taken from an angle. 
'Taken from an angel' 

'Do you want to take our picture? Let me get a cigarette and look apathetic.'
'Why was she taking a picture of a window?' 

The word 'data' is plural that's the one thing I learned from school. 
If I learned other things I won't know until ~2 years later 
when I'm crying on the steps of The Mall because I missed 
the last train to Fredericksburg and this seems like a metaphor. 

The 20-year-old male is headed back down the east coast.
He are wedged between his pretty girlfriend and a woman
eating buffalo wings who keeps talking about her swollen feet.
On a train ride from Boston he says my name out loud,
slowly with hesitation. 



‘The water is fine if you don’t mind hypothermia.’
A man jumped off a 72 ft. cliff at a quarry,
(Red Granite, WI)
broke the water with his chest and face,
all the buttons on his shirt were gone.

(You’re supposed to break the water with your hands
or feet to avoid body impact.)

I could imagine a godlike figure playing with dominoes
in an abandoned theatre that shows pornos on the weekend.

On weekdays the theatre would play an endless loop of black
and white grainy footage of dominoes
toppling each other off of a wooden table then leaping back up
onto the table in the same pattern.

The theatre would be on a street that someone would refer to as ‘skid row.’

There are some nights
when my heart feels like it is entangled in my throat.
My bones are too narrow.



At 11:47 a.m., officers responded to East Gobbi Street
and the railroad tracks to investigate a report of an assault.
While there they spoke with Bruce Lee McKinzie, 21, who reportedly had ‘nunchaku’, or              ‘nunchucks’, in his possession.

Don’t take the railroad; take the bridge on bike.
According to the Wikipedia article for ‘Golden Gate Bridge’
more people have committed suicide by jumping off
of the Golden Gate Bridge than any other site.

Bridges are high because ships have to pass underneath them.
The body is falling very fast end over end spinning
or just floating down at a high rate of speed.

My lower eyelids appear to be stuck to my upper eyelids
via eye crust and separation anxiety.

It seems like every part of my body misses someone.
End over end spinning. 
You can’t swim when your arms are broken. 


All poems written by Gabby Gabby
Gabby Gabby has a chapbook forthcoming from NAP titled airplane food