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The Scrambler

Issue 5- November/December
poems by and an interview with Terry Moore, poems by Ben Kyler and
Shyner Nybok, photography by Aaron Dailey, City of Men DVD review

Issue 4- October


The first 3 issues were released in print only:

Issue 3- Winter 2004

Issue 2-Spring/Summer 2003

Issue 1- Winter 2003

Issue 13- December
poems by Christopher Major and Lyn Lifshin, Enchanted movie review by
Heather Craig, Scrambler Christmas card, Beaver by Shyner Nybok

Issue 12- November
poems by Ben Kyler, a video short by Carrie Hawks, paintings by Valado
Mori, a story by Josh Salm, Gone Baby Gone movie review by Heather
Craig, Lawrence Ferlinghetti in pictures

Issue 11- October
poems by Maria Alice and Adam Deutsch, Jersey Boys play review,
photographs of the Sierra Nevada mountains

Issue 10- May
poems by and an interview with Ada Limon, artwork by Chris Wilson

Issue 9- April
poems by Jed Learned and Jason Pettit, On the Brazilian Road- an article

Issue 8- March
poems by and an interview with Reb Livingston, a Thoreau moment

Issue 7- February
poems by and an interview with Danee Black

Issue 6- January
image of first Scrambler cover
The first cover of The Scrambler
designed by Nick Deamer

Issue 24- November

Issue 23-

Issue 22- September

Issue 21- August

Issue 20- July

Issue 19- June
poetry & an interview with Angela Vogel, photographs by Aaron Dailey, a movie review
by Heather Craig, poetry by Naomi Theirs, Nathan Logan, Shyner Nybok and Peter
Menkin, the John Natsoulus Clay Conference in pictures and Playlist #6

Issue 18- May
artwork & an interview with Didi Menendez, poetry by John Findura, Shyner Nybok,
Greg Luce, Davide Trame, Aaron Dailey, a review by Heather Craig, Ruth Asawa's
Wire Sculptures in pictures and Playlist #5

Issue 17- April
poems & an interview with Valerie Loveland, poetry by Derek Henderson and Lyn
Lifshin, a drawing by Chris Wilson, original music compositions by Suchoon Mo, 2
reviews by Heather Craig and Playlist #4

Issue 16- March
poems & an interview with Sandra Beasley, artwork & an interview with Patricia Deese,
Letterpants by Valado Mori, The Valentine Photo by Aaron Dailey, Playlist #3

Issue 15- February
poems by Trevor Calvert, California Gift Bar artwork by Aaron Dailey, The Great
Debaters movie review by Heather Craig, Playlist #2, video interlude

Issue 14- January
a story by Shyner Nybok, Del Toro by Chris Wilson, The Darjeeling Limited movie
review, Playlist #1, Leaves- a photo collection