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“Arts, Science Staff to Open Closed Costly System

Harvard University's faculty voted unanimously
yesterday to post their scholarly articles and research
online, where they would be available for free to the
public, despite concerns that the move would affect the
quality of research.”

--Boston Globe, February 13, 2008

slushpiles and carpetbombers

online pobiz gone wild

     (more writers than readers?)

I stumble onto

a seeming treasure trove

for simultaneous/multiple submissions

      (tsk tsk)

 415 lines of literary ezines

from a.bacus through Zuzu

only a dozen or so of which

turn out to still be alive

the rest gone to URL heaven

after our pioneers and dreamers

settled a new frontier

end of last millennium

 beginning of this next

as we now surf the virtual dust

of our forebears’ detritus
"Good-Bye Gutenberg"
*Gerard Sarnat splits time between his San Francisco Bay Area
forest home and Southern California's beaches.