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The Scrambler
1pt. fresh pears blossomed
1pt. make love of self
3pts. phone her the next day
Worship the heaven and hell in the breeze of azure and bundled rabbits

Recipe for a poet rebel:
2 potatoes glazed in honeywine
1 scoop transparent mustard
3pts flocks of ravens chasing gaggles of geese
blend to desired consistency and piece it all together from somewhere else,
outside of oneself, in time the silence touches ones lips and you are kissed.

Recipe for a rebel poet laureate:
1pt. listen to ones country
1pt. driving palms into nails, build ones house
2 pts the right for civil fights
3 pts. White Panther, white panther, white panther
Roll in gander fat, dip in honey peeled orange castings
Recipe for a poet:
*Shyner Nybok is a nomad.