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The Scrambler
Well, that woke me right up!  
I was like one of those cartoon wolves.  
Eyes popping out of my head.
Stretching the muscles that hold them in.  
Tongue out.  
I think there was even an audible “sproy-oy-oy-oy-yoing” sound
And a tinny old car horn, “Ca-hooooogah!”
Steam from my ears like a tea kettle.

I didn’t really get all crazy, baby.
That’s not so much my style.  
I remained calm and composed as I perused your sweet, fine frame.  
I imagined nuzzling my nose into your neck
And nibbling your ear
Until you cackle like you’re laying an egg.  
And because I am at work, ‘click’,
The image is gone.  
The Supercow pictures
From Halloween
Are for public consumption.  
This one is for me.
Have a good lunch baby.
I can’t wait to get you all wrapped around me.
The Valentine Photo