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Play List #3
Issue 16- March 2008
*Compiled by Melanie Uyeda
“White Lines (Don’t Do It)”
artist: Grandmaster & Melle Mel
album: White Lines (Don’t Don’t Do It) single (1983)
Great song, lyrically and musically.
Listen here.

“Treat ‘Em Right”
artist: Chubb Rock  
album: The One (1991)
I loved this song in jr. high, still love it. Awesome bass line.
Listen here.

“U Mean I’m Not”
artist: Black Sheep
album: A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing (1991)
A hysterical “gangsta” rap parody.

“Inherited Scars”
artist: Sage Francis
album: Personal Journals (2002)
Self-reflective lyrics backed by equally moving music.
Listen here.

“Mark It Place”
artist: Sol.iLLaquists of Sound
album: As If We Existed (2006)
Mesmerizing, interweaving lyrics set to some serious jungle beats.