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The Scrambler
On October 9, 2007 in the independent bookstore The
Booksmith located on 1655 Haight St. in San Francisco,
CA Lawrence Ferlinghetti held a reading from his new
book titled
Poetry as Insurgent Art. Below are photos from
the reading mixed with passages taken from the book.
photograph of San Francisco from a building rooftop
a photograph of Lawrence Ferlinghetti arriving at the Booksmith Bookstore in San Francisco, California.
a photograph of Lawrence Ferlinghetti reading.
a photograph fo Lawrence Ferlinghetti reading.
a photograph of the cover of Poetry as Insurgent Art by Lawrence Ferlinghetti.
photograph of Lawrence Ferlinghetti signing a book.
Haunt bookstores.
Don't be so open minded that your
brains fall out.
Don't destroy the world unless you
have something better to replace it.
Make common words uncommon.
If a poem has to be explicated, it's
a failure of communication.
If you would be a poet, invent a new
language anyone can understand.
image of Ferlinhetti's signature on the title page of his book Her.