I'm every father
I'm every father who left his child to die
Not physically, but emotionally and spiritually

I'm every father who left his child waiting to be
Waiting for that transplant of love
Waiting on a street corner begging for daddy to
come for his visitation
Waiting for peace of mind

I'm every father who goes to court to beg for more
Just so he can cut his child support in half
Then when he wins
Goes outside the court and begins to laugh
I'm every father who gets more time just to drop the
child off at grandma's house
So he can get his groove on at the List Party
I'm every father who gets more time just to hurt the
baby mama
Just to cause more drama
Or get his booty call on
I'm every father who reps fathers in a manner that's

I'm every father
That's what they see in the courts
That's what the baby mamas see in the streets
That's what the community sees

So if I have to be every father
Then I will be every father and slap your son
upside the head for what
he said
When he cussed out his teacher
I will take my two hands and slam your daughter's
knees shut together
she cries
Until the tears flow rapidly out of her eyes
Just to let her know that she shouldn't be sitting in
front of boys
with her
legs wide open
And I hope you get mad deadbeat dad and run to
your baby mama
To ask her who this man is messin' with your
So I can come to you face to face
And tell you that since you were not there
I took your place

If I have to be every father then I will be
I will stand in the court by myself
I will be every father who picks up his child on time
And pays the child support
And goes to the school
And loves his children
I will be every father who is there to show he cares
Who gives up club hopping, sports and chasing
Just so he can spend quality time with his child

I will be every father
Because eventually us real fathers have to step up
To show the courts, the community and baby
That every father
Ain't like every father
Who just turned his back
And simply wouldn't bother!
by Terry Moore
© All rights reserved.
The Scrambler