Interview with Terry Moore
October 30, 2006

This interview was done through email and no answers or
questions have been edited.
When did you start writing/performing?

I started writing in 1985 and performing in 1998.

Who are your favorite writers/performers?

And who has influenced your work? My favorites are Talaam Acey, Saul Williams,
Maya Angelou and Mighty Mike McGee. My greatest influence however is Maya

What inspires you, both in your life and in your writing?

Seeing the victories and pitfalls in the lives of others. I want the same victories but
want to help heal/correct the pain of the pitfalls. I'm inspired to help make a
difference both ways.

Where are your favorite places that you have been/traveled?

Spain, France, New York and Florida.

Describe your pre-performance/reading routine. How do you get ready
to read/perform your work?

The first thing I do is take care of all my personal business to free up my mind early
in the day. Then eat well mid-day, then rehearse close to event time, then pray, then
rehearse again at the event,  then find a quiet place to hide out to relax and then
finally I get myself really amped up for mic time.

What's next for your poetry?

A performance DVD is in the works for February 2007 with a matching CD.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

On a major TV show speaking to the masses while at the same time enjoying my
family in a humble and very settled way.

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